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 Proven solutions, strong ethics, and years of expertise with the drive  to generate new leads for you and make your business grow!

Individual approach

We want to provide an individual approach tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Positive experiences of our partners and their satisfaction are of the utmost importance for us.

Regardless of the industry, we strive to improve human relations by building meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

Experienced team

Our Digital Marketing Agency is a team of dedicated experts. We strive on delivering projects with a creative approach, knowledge, transparency and commitment to your success. Eager to make your business grow, our team members are on a constant learning path trying to outperform our yesterday’s selves.

What others have to say about us

Have a glance at what our partners have to say about us, our customers' reviews and more!

Ever since I first started collaborating with IGNIS I already knew I was going to be pleased with the marketing agency choice. Our collaboration has changed its shape, intensity and dynamic many times since we first started doing business together. This relationship has strived mostly on their behalf - being flexible, fast and accountable. I will definitely continue to use their services with utmost satisfaction.

- Tihana Dragičević, Elevate d.o.o.

"Excellent service, only words of praise for this professional and highly creative team! Fast, effective and skilled at what they do. The team succeeded to meet all of our expectations. Highly recommended!"

- Lejla Husić, Affecto d.o.o.

"Sometimes it's hard to work with creative people like us and fulfil all of our demands. The IGNIS team has the ability to recognise our subtle needs and wishes. They are very creative and fast at delivering results. We couldn't hope for a better company to take care of our online presence in the way IGNIS has been taking care of us for the last 5 years!"

- Nela Simić, Pikto Gallery

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” 

Henry Ford

“Good marketing makes the company look smart.
Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” 

Joe Chernov


World federation of
critical care nurse

Repromed Polyclinic

Psychotherapy & speech therapist center – Enthusiasm

Croatian national nurses federation

Innate Health

Marina Counseling

Croatian Coaching Association – Academy

Health and recreational centre

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